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This page is to keep track of things that could potentially be added to VintageCraft, but have not yet been officially planned.

Aesthetic & Visual

This section is for things that are inherently visual eg. texture changes, building only blocks, etc.

  • Gabbro texture does not tile well at distance
  • Improved Sparse Grass tiling
  • Modular texture system for topsoils, regolith, ores, etc which pulls the appropriate base stone/subsoil texture and then applies the topsoil, regloth, or ore texture on top
    • Reduces total number of textures required
    • Allows for possible transitions between blocks (specifically on the subsoil/topsoil block border)


This section is for things that affect the terrain generation and generated structures of the world eg. geological formations, trees, etc.


  • Transitions between different stone types are solid lines, minor mixing of the stone would probably look better
  • Generate boulders, bushes, fallen trees, stumps on the floor to provide obstacles and visual interest
  • Boulder fields: fields of boulders, some may contain ores
  • Bog iron subsoil in swampy/boggy conditions


  • Trees feel really bare, even the lush variants (exceptions to this are the "fuller trees" such as Willow and Kapok)
    • Make sure there is a leaf block on top of all log blocks in a tree to make it look full from the top
    • Generally show less of the trunk
  • Lessen the generation of leaves lower down on trees to give walking space below the tree (most old forests in real life do not have many branches or leaves lower down on the tree, because most of the sunlight is blocked by the roof of the forest


This section is for things that would change/add/affect gameplay eg. new weapon, change to farming, etc.