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Minecarts in Vintagecraft operate somewhat differently than in Vanilla.

Changes from Vanilla

There are two new types of minecarts to replace the vanilla models, and there is also a new rail. Some rail types, such as powered rails, have been removed, such as powered rails. To compensate for the removal of powered rails, a new, efficient powered minecart has been added. This minecart is similar to the furnace minecart in Vanilla, but has much more consistent and longer power duration, and can effectively move carts across long distances. Because it may take some time to work up enough iron to build a large network, there is also a new type of rail, the wooden rail, that allows for early-game or cheaper rail systems. Wooden rails require no metal, but only allow carts to travel at 60% of their maximum speed. File:WoodenRails.jpgFile:IronRails.jpg

Furnace Minecart

The new furnace carts are designed to push other carts in front of them along rail networks. Right-click on a furnace cart to open it's GUI. The input slot can accept peat, lignite or bituminous coal as fuel. This will display how long the cart will remain powered for before needing a new piece of fuel. The cart will not consume fuel when derailed. The cart will move forward and push anything in front of it. If you enter an empty minecart in front of a furnace cart, you can right click the furnace cart to place fuel into the cart and continue to power the cart until you arrive at your destination. The furnace cart can also push minecarts with chests in them, allowing you to transport items across long distances. File:FurnaceCartGUI.jpg