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Unlike vanilla minecraft whose map of biomes determine temperature and rainfall, vintagecraft goes the opposite way by letting the biomes be determined by a map temperature and map of rainfall. This is one reason why Vintagecraft is not very compatible with other mods.

In return Vintagecraft gains the ability of much greater biome diversity and completely smooth transitions between biomes. All plants, trees and flowers are generated by min-max values of temperature, rainfall, elevation... and so on.

Rock Types

All rock types are grouped into 4 categories. Their hardness affects the mining speed.

List of Rock groups

Name Hardness (Mining Speed Multiplier) Spawns at
Sedimentary 1 (0.75) Top 10-30 Surface Blocks
Metamorphic 2 (1) Anywhere
Igneous Extrusive 3 (1.1) Anywhere
Igneous Intrusive 4 (1.25) Anywhere

List of Rock types

Name Group Notes
Andesite.png Andesite Igneous Extrusive
Basalt.png Basalt Igneous Extrusive Contains Peridot Gems
Chalk.png Chalk Sedimentary
Chert.png Chert Metamorphic (in real life actually Sedimentary)
Claystone.png Claystone Sedimentary
Conglomerate.png Conglomerate Sedimentary
Diorite.png Diorite Igneous Intrusive
Gabbro.png Gabbro Igneous Intrusive
Gneiss.png Gneiss Metamorphic Formed from Conglomerate
Granite.png Granite Igneous Intrusive
Kimberlite.png Kimberlite Igneous Intrusive Spawns only at the bottom 5-13 Blocks of the map. Contains Emerald and Diamond Deposits.
Limestone.png Limestone Sedimentary Contains Lapis Deposits, occasionally drops flint
Marble.png Marble Metamorphic Formed from Limestone or Chalk
Quartzite.png Quartzite Metamorphic Formed from Red Sandstone
Redsandstone.png Redsandstone Sedimentary
Sandstone.png Sandstone Sedimentary
Schist.png Schist Metamorphic Formed from Claystone
Shale.png Shale Sedimentary
Slate.png Slate Metamorphic Formed from Shale

Tree Types