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Tier 0 - Stone Age

StoneAxe.png The Stone Axe is your best choice when in close combat, as it provides most damage of any tool in the stone age. This tool can be made from sticks and stones.
Stones.png Any Stone you mine can be thrown at living things to perform minor damage (0.5 Hearts) and occassional knock outs which stun the target for 5 Seconds. If the target is wearing a helmet, this chance is significantly lower. Dependent on the tier of the helmet material the chance is reduced by a factor of 2 to 6.
Bowandarrow.png Bows and Arrows can be made just like in Vanilla Minecraft and are still dropped by Skeletons. Arrows are however difficult to acquire in larger quantities since there is only a few chicken spawning in the world of Vintagecraft, also Flint only can be acquired by mining Limestone (dropping with random chance).

Tier 1 - Copper Age

CopperSword.png The Copper Sword is a must have upgrade on your close combat weapon, as it does twice the damage and doesn't break after just a few hits.

Tier 2 - Bronze Age

TinbronzeSword.png The Tin Bronze Sword is another 33% gain in Damage but most of all a doubling in durability.
BismuthbronzeSword.png When using Bismuth Bronze for Swords you sacrifice some of the Damage gain to 15% higher durability.

Tier 3 - Iron Age

IronSword.png The Iron Sword is currently the strongest weapon in Vintagecraft. Properly worked iron is a much harder and thus does more damage and has almost doubled durability.