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(Redstone / Mechanical Power)
(Redstone / Mechanical Power)
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Basic principles:
Basic principles:
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy Conservation of energy] (All Redstone mechanics violate this)
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy Conservation of energy] (All Redstone mechanics violate this law)
* Power = Speed * Torque
* Power = Speed * Torque

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  • Wind map, results in
    • Beaches
    • Bent trees
    • Sand dunes
    • Erosion
  • Drainage map: Low drainage produces lakes and swampy areas where is high rain. High drainage reduces fertility
  • Acidity/Nutrient map: Influences the local Plant life and Fertiltiy
  • Tectonic Plate map, determines
    • Nativity of plants (e.g. Baobab tree only native to the african plate)
    • Near borders: Volcanic activity, lava generation, fault belts?

Fauna (Animals)

Catching an animal requires actual hunting skills.

  • Domesticated animals should no longer spawn.
  • Instead only wild animals in their natural habitat (deer, foxes, bears, boars in the forests, rabbits meadows and forests, etc.) spawn
  • All wild animals are either dangerous or very shy and escape he player very quickly. Player has to sneak and carefully approach the animal to kill it. Ranged weapons help a lot.
  • Animals therefore drop a lot more meat and leather
  • Domesticated animals can be acquired through a long and expensive process
  • Tamed Wolfs warn you off incoming dangers. Examples: Mobs that are targeting you or a new very dangerous mob

Weather and Astronomical Events

More Weather effects

  • Fog
  • Light rain
  • Heavy rain
  • Strong wind, light wind

Astronomical Events:

  • Randomly generated night sky based on World seed
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Occassional Shooting Stars and rare events where loads of shooting stars appear
  • Other planets and Nebulas in the sky
  • Realistic movement of the moon?
  • Meteors


Trading should add a whole new dimension to the game and allow one to dive entirely into the trading system. One should be able to spend a lot of time discovering villages, trading between them and improve the connection between by building roads

  • Villagers sell goods that is available to them in their given environment. E.g. Pearls when near an ocean. Gems when near a mountain, Furs near cold forests, wine near temperate plains, etc.
  • Villagers buy goods that is unavailable or scarce in their given environment.
  • Villagers are aware of how far goods have to travel. The larger the distance the more they pay
  • Supply and Demand are limited and recover over time
  • Some villages are connected by roads. On these roads could be an occassional trading post which sells mostly just common goods
  • Some Villagers offer Services instead of, or not only goods. E.g. refine raw diamonds into a gem, stonemason making ornate blocks
  • Trading window probably somewhat similar to Civ5 Trading between Nations. You make an offer and they decide what to give in return. You can also request something and they make an offer what they want for it.

Rewards from Trading

  • Stonemason: Ornate blocks (E.g. Lithos Luminous Glass, Chiseled Stone)
  • Fletcher: Stronger Arrows
  • Florust: Not naturally occuring flowers
  • Blacksmith: Stronger Weapons
  • Carpenter: Ornate wooden blocks, doors, etc.
  • Gem Cutter: Cuts and Polishes Gems. 95% of Villagers only buy cut/refined gems

Food System

  • Probably will be very similar to the Food System in TerraFirmaCraft Build 78, because it's very good
    • Nutrient levels (Grain, Protein, Diary, Fruit, Vegetable, Herb) that increase max health
    • Variety of Fruits, Vegetables, Diary and Meats
    • Mixing of foods to create a wholesome meal
    • Grains require grinding to make bread
    • Differences to TFC Food System: No hunger drainage when standing still, cooked/salted/dried foods don't spoil, grains maybe don't spoil altogether.
    • Most foods can be prepared in some food to prevent spoilage, however most of the preparation reduces the nutritional gain and most can no longer be eaten directly (e.g. can't eat a glass of jam)
    • Herbs can be added to meals or consumed as tea :D

Farming System

  • Tilled soil could have a number of properties:
    • Moisture: Dependent on Drainage Map (see above), Climate, Vicinity of fresh water and Rainfall
    • Fertility level: Already implemented (maybe will be split up into nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium = N-P-K Levels)
    • Weeds Level: Weeds grow on empty farmland or farmland with low growing crops / early stages
  • Most farmable food sources grow dependent on Season. (A year will last 365 minecraft days)
  • Food sources are: Fruit trees, Berries, Vegetables, Herbs, Mushrooms
    • Fruit trees: Only plantable with sapling, they take several dozen years to grow, only bear fruit after a few years. Once fully grown, sometimes won't bear fruit for a year.
    • Vegetables: Require tilled ground and certain moisture level. Non optimal moisture/fertility/weed level reduces crop yield.
    • Berry: There is two types of berry plants: One that grows a few seasons and one that grows many seasons.
      • Few Years: Spreads and Dies every 2-3 years. Grow on special soil only, like subsoil. Examples: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry
      • Many Years: Grow slowly from sapling, don't spread. Examples: Gooseberry, Blackcurrant, Winterberry

Types of Fruit trees, Berries, Vegetables, Grains

  • Fruit tree: Orange, Fig, Pear, Apple, Plum, Cherry, Mango, Elderberry
  • Berry (few years): Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry
  • Berry (many years): Gooseberry, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant
  • Climbing Plant: Grape
  • Vegetable: Potato, Carrot, Tomato, Cabbage, Onion, Pea
  • Vegetable (horizontally spreading): Pumpkin, Cucumber, Melon
  • Grain: Wheat, Rice, Rye
  • Herbs/Spices: Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Horsetail, Cornflower, Calendula, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Black Pepper

Redstone / Mechanical Power

* All redstone related mechanics will probably be added unchanged, however with a graphical overhaul

None of the redstone mechanics shall be added to Vintagecraft! Instead, mechanical power! A mixture between BetterThanWolfes and RotaryCraft.

Basic principles:

There shall be:

  • Mechanical Power Transmitters: Axle, Angled Gearboxes for redirecting 90 degrees
  • Mechanical Power Transformers: Gearboxes (2:1, 4:1)
  • Mechanical Power Producers: Wind Mill, Water Wheel, Steam Engine, Flywheel ("Torque-Accumulator")
  • Mechanical Power Consumers: Grindstone (to create bread), Bellows (to create steel), Item Conveyor belt and pulleys (for automation)

Mechanical Networks can be created with producers generating torque and certain speeds and consumers using torque at certain speeds.

In version that follows a basic mechanical power system:

  • Gear box with 1 extruding gear to create a Rack and Pinion (replaces pistons)
  • Clutches controllable with Levers and mechanical power to enable/disable the transmission of mechanical power (replaces redstone logic gates)

Brewing System

Will require the mixing of many herbs to create potions