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Video guide


Starting out

Regolith looks like dirt with stones inside

The beginning is pretty similar as when you begin a new world in original Minecraft. There are however a few notable differences, to name a few:

  • You cannot craft any wooden tools.
  • To craft planks you need a saw
  • Sticks are currently only obtainable by breaking branchy leaves blocks

In order to secure your survival you have to collect a few basic things:

  • Gather at least 4 logs without tools
  • Gather sticks from leaves blocks with branches inside
  • Break approximately 9 blocks of regolith without tools to acquire 3 stones.

Your first tools

  • Craft yourself a Crafting Table using 4 logs
  • Using the stones obtained from regolith or rock you can craft Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes with the same shape as in Vanilla minecraft
  • There is no stone sword! The most effective beginner weapon is the Axe. You can also throw stones at mobs by holding the right mouse button. Hitting mobs with stones causes slight damage, your ordinary knockback and a 50% chance to stop the mob for 5 seconds.


Same old recipe for basic tools

Acquiring food

  • For the very beginning search for pigs or cows. They are most common in temperate or cool areas.
  • Build yourself a fire pit as shown below to cook your meat. Use Shift + Right mouse click to place 3 stones and 3 logs on the floor
  • Once you start exploring the world you might find wild wheat or flax growing. Just like vanilla Minecraft you can till the ground with a hoe and plant seeds on farmland. With 5 seeds you can craft one bread.

Fire pit building stages

Preparations for Metalworking

Please check out the Smithing Guide

Entering the Copper age

In order to enter the next age, you have to

Copper and Lignite can be found in all rock types
  • Build a fire pit
  • Mine Copper Ore, it's most easily found on mountain cliffs
  • Find a fuel that produces enough heat to melt copper ore, which is currently Lignite and Bituminous Coal. Lignite is also pretty easily found on mountain cliffs.

Once you have gather a bunch of fuel and copper ore you can begin smelting it in the fire pit. Please note that for each copper bar you need 4 copper ore.

Each metal has its own melting point

Once you have a bunch of copper bars, you can begin smithing them into tools and armor. Please check out the Smithing Guide

Your first base

Mining rock will not drop cobblestone in VintageCraft, instead they will drop stones. In order to create building blocks from stone you have to combine stones with clay. Every rock type will produce it's cobblestone counterpart.

Clay deposit


Torches can be made with lignite or bituminous coal.


Here are some recipes to create wooden products for your base. Every Tree type in the game will produce differently colored wooden products (except for chests)

WoodenPlanksRecipe.png WoodenSlabRecipe.png FenceRecipe.png FenceGateRecipe.png

ChestRecipe.png PlankstairsRecipe.png

Entering the bronze age

Once you found cassiterite ore, you are ready to progress to the next age. Smelt the cassiterite to tin bars, then craft a Vessel with 3 clay. You can find clay in fairly large deposits overgrown with grass at low elevations.

VesselRecipe.png ClayVesselBake.png

Bake the Vessel in the fire pit, then right click it and place copper and tin ingots in a ratio of 9:1. Place it back in the fire pit to smelt bronze. This will produce 10 tin bronze bars from which you can craft stronger tools. Alternatively you can also smelt 5-7 copper ingots, 1-2 bismuth ingots and 2-3 zinc ingots into bismuth bronze. Bismuth bronze tools have 15% more durability but are slightly less effective compared to tin bronze.

Entering the iron age

Getting into the iron age requires 3 resources: fire clay, bituminous coal and limonite ore. Once you have these in decent quantities you can craft raw fire bricks and bake them.

Fireclay deposit

FireBrickRecipe.png FireClayBake.png

With these fire bricks you can craft yourself a bloomery base and chimney

BloomeryBaseRecipe.png BloomeryChimneyRecipe.png

Place them on top of each other and fill the bloomery with up to 16 bituminous coal and 16 limonite ore. If there is at least 4 of each inside and more or equal amount of coal than limonite, you can ignite the bloomery by right clicking with a torch. After 5 minutes of firing, you can break the bloomery and retrieve up to 4 ingots of iron. Breaking the bloomery will always make you loose a few fire bricks.

Iron tools have a significant improvement in efficiency and durability compared to bronze tools. With one iron plate and fire bricks you can also craft yourself a stove, in which fuel lasts significantly longer and reaches higher temperatures.


Entering the steel age


A complete blast furnace setup. Pay close attention to the orientation of each block.

Getting steel requires a lot of prerequisites.

Building a complete blast furnace setup (from bottom till top):

  • 1 fireclay brick metal mold block
  • 1 fireclay bricks block below the first furnace section
  • 2 fireclay furnace sections on top of eachother, facing opposite directions (the small holes of each furnace section is used for liquid metal output at the bottom and air inflow in the middle)
    • 8 iron plates covering all horizontal sides
  • A powered bellows blowing air into the upper furnace section
    • A windmill powering the bellows
  • 1 fireclay furnace chimney

You need also

  • A carpenters table to build bellows, windmill and connecting axles and gears
    • A carpenters toolset made in the anvil which you have to place in the carpenters table
    • A carpenters table can only be made of wood with janka hardness above 800
    • All mechanical networks components need to be made of wood types with janka hardness above 1000!
  • One or more coke ovens to produce coke, the only usable fuel for blast furnaces.
  • A large farm of Flax to produce linen cloth for the windmill sails

Creating coke

  • Create a coke oven door from iron plates in the anvil
  • Build a 3x3 cube of fireclay bricks, leaving the center empty. Break any middle block on either side and place the coke oven door.
    • Aesthetic tweaks: Any of the top row bricks may also be made of fireclay stairs. Multiple coke ovens can be overlapped by 1 block to save bricks and space.
  • Open the door, Sneak + Right click with lignite or bituminous coal into the oven to place the fuel.
  • Ignite with a torch, close the door and wait for the smoke to stop appearing above
  • By the way, Coke let's you smelt quartz into glass inside the stove

Creating steel

  • Place 36 coke and 24 limonite ore with Sneak + Click on the blast furnace chimney. Ignite with a torch via right click on the chimney
  • Creating steel requires takes about 5-7 minutes and in that time the bellows has to blow at least 30 times. If it blows below 20 times, you will only end up with 6 iron ingots. If the furnace received between ~22-30 blows, you will get 1-6 steel ingots.

Crafting recipes you need for making the blast furnace

  • Fireclay brick, needs to be below the furnace
  • Fireclay brick metal molds, will hold the molten metal
  • Flax twine, flax is gathered from mature flax plants
  • Linen cloth, required to craft windmill sails in the carpenters table
  • Carpenters table, to build mechanical power parts
  • Stitched leather, required to make the bellows