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All metal tools and armors are made in the anvil.
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All metal tools and armors are made in the anvil.

Name Suitable for mining Notes
CopperPickaxe.png Pickaxe Stone and Ores
CopperAxe.png Axe Logs, Planks Also does decent melee damage
CopperShovel.png Shovel Sand, Topsoil, Subsoil, Regolith
CopperHoe.png Hoe Used for tiling ground to create farmland
CopperHammer.png Hammer Required for creating a Stone Anvil, required during Smithing
CopperSaw.png Saw Logs, Planks Primarily used to create wooden products, less effective in breaking blocks
CopperShears.png Shears Leaves, Branchy Leaves Breaks up to 6 adjacent leaves
CopperSickle.png Sickle Crops, Tall grass Breaks 1-2 adjacent crops or tall grass
Bismuthbronze carpenterstoolset.png Carpenters Toolset Required during woodworking in the carpenters table. Cannot be made from Copper.