Overview of all deposits

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The Sea Level of Vintagecraft is at y=128

That means an ore spawning 10 blocks below Sealevel will be found at y=118

An ore spawning 10 blocks below Surface follows the heights of the map. So if you stand on a mountain with y=220 that ore would be at y=210


Smelts into Mother material Depth Distribution Deposit Sizes
Native Copper Copper All Rocktypes 4 - 60 Blocks below Surface (65%)

4 - 60 Blocks below Sealevel (35%)

Common Small and Large
Cassiterite Tin All Rocktypes 0 - 40 Blocks below Surface Uncommon Small and Large
Sphalerite Zinc All Rocktypes 0 - 35 Blocks below Sealevel Uncommon Small
Bismuthinite Bismuth All Rocktypes 0 - 50 Blocks below Surface Uncommon Small
Limonite Iron All Rocktypes 15-103 Blocks below Sealevel Small and Large
Native Gold Gold Quartz Same as quartz Tiny
Native Silver Silver Quartz Same as quartz Small
Iridium Ore Iridium All Rocktypes 80-110 Blocks below Sealevel
Platinum Ore Platinum All Rocktypes 90-110 Blocks below Sealevel
Rhodium Ore Rhodium All Rocktypes 100-140 Blocks below Sealevel


Smelted Mother material Depth Distribution
Sylvite Rock Salt Same as Rock Salt
Rock Salt All Rocktypes Any depth below y=160
Quartz All Rocktypes Any depth below y=160
Olivine Basalt Any depth below y=210
Clay Topsoil, Subsoil On the surface below y=155
Fireclay Topsoil, Subsoil 1 Block below surface and below y=160

Other - Fuel

Burn duration Mother material Depth Distribution
Peat 0.6x Topsoil On the Surface below y=165
Lignite 1.5x All Rock types 10-50 Blocks below surface (50%)

10-50 Blocks below sealevel (50%)

Bituminous Coal 2x all Rock types 8-103 Blocks below sealevel