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|Ilmenite Ore
|[[List of Metals|Tier 4]]
|[[List of Metals|Tier 4]]

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The Sea Level of Vintagecraft is at y=128

That means an ore spawning 10 blocks below Sealevel will be found at y=118

An ore spawning 10 blocks below Surface follows the heights of the map. So if you stand on a mountain with y=220 that ore would be at y=210

Please note, all ore blocks depicted here are in granite. They of course spawn in other rocks as well.


Name Min. Tool tier to mine it Smelts into Mother material Depth Deposit Sizes
Nativecopper granite.png Native Copper Tier 0 Copper All Rocktypes 4 - 60 Blocks below Surface (65%)

4 - 60 Blocks below Sealevel (35%)

Small and Large
Cassiterite granite.png Cassiterite Tier 1 Tin All Rocktypes 0 - 40 Blocks below Surface Small and Large
Sphalerite granite.png Sphalerite Tier 1 Zinc All Rocktypes 0 - 35 Blocks below Sealevel Small
Bismuthinite granite.png Bismuthinite Tier 1 Bismuth All Rocktypes 0 - 50 Blocks below Surface Small
Limonite granite.png Limonite Tier 2 Iron All Rocktypes 15-103 Blocks below Sealevel Small and Large
Nativegold quartz granite.png Native Gold Tier 1 Gold Quartz Same as quartz Tiny
Nativesilver quartz granite.png Native Silver Tier 1 Silver Quartz Same as quartz Small
Iridiumore granite.png Iridium Ore Tier 3 Iridium All Rocktypes 80-110 Blocks below Sealevel
Platinumore granite.png Platinum Ore Tier 4 Platinum All Rocktypes 90-110 Blocks below Sealevel
Ilmenite granite.png Ilmenite Tier 4 Titanium All Rocktypes 100-140 Blocks below Sealevel
Galena.png Galena Tier 0 Lead All Rocktypes 30-100 Blocks below Surface


Name Min. Tool tier to mine it Used for Mother material Depth Deposit size
Sylvite rocksalt granite.png Sylvite Tier 1 Fertilizer on Saplings Rock Salt Same as Rock Salt
Nativesulfur.png Native Sulfur Tier 0 Ingredient for blasting powder All Rock Types 20 - 108 Blocks below Sealevel
Rocksalt granite.png Rock Salt Tier 1 Salt lamps All Rocktypes Any depth below y=160
Quartz granite.png Quartz Tier 1 10% chance to drop clear quartz for windows, can be smelted into glass with coke in the stove. All Rocktypes Any depth below y=160
Peridot basalt.png Peridot Tier 1 Basalt Any depth below y=210
Clay.png Clay Tier 0 Clay Vessels, Cobblestone Topsoil, Subsoil On the surface below y=155
Fireclay.png Fireclay Tier 0 Firebricks Topsoil, Subsoil 1 Block below surface and below y=160
Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Tier 0 Ingredient for blasting powder Air Spawns below Sealevel in Caves


Name Min. Tool tier to mine it Burn duration Mother material Depth Deposit size
Peat.png Peat Tier 0 0.6x Topsoil On the Surface below y=165
Lignite granite.png Lignite Tier 0 1.5x All Rock types 10-50 Blocks below surface (50%)

10-50 Blocks below sealevel (50%)

Bituminouscoal granite.png Bituminous Coal Tier 0 2x all Rock types 8-103 Blocks below sealevel