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Mod support Wishlist

Listed here are mods that don't work well with Vintage Craft but probably should. If you know of mods that would be a good fit for Vintage Craft and would like to see them added here you can send an email to kreezil at [1] but only for this page, the rest of the pages on this wiki belong to TyronX.

  • Exotic Birds by Pavo_Reality
    none of the birds spawn, the nests with eggs do, however.
  • Animals Plus by Click_Me
    none of these animals spawn either.
  • Not Enough Items by ChickenBones
    CodeChickenLib will cause a server to fail without a crash report of any kind, randomly, but only with Vintage Craft mod. Something to do with the VC crafting tables.
  • Base Metals by Dr. Cyano
    Base Metals is the basic mod for all of Dr. Cyanos mods. Power Advantage, Steam Advantage and now Electric Advantage all depend on it. Some of the newer tech mods also are beginning to depend on it. It would be great if Vintage Craft allowed other ores from other mods to spawn during world generation.