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What is VintageCraft?

VintageCraft is a full conversion mod created by TyronX and Saraty which is, gameplay-wise, settled somewhere inbetween Vanilla Minecraft and TerraFirmaCraft. Our main goals are to make resources generally more challenging to acquire, encourage exploring, enable long term gameplay goals, leveraging the powers of procedural generation, use earths nature as inspiration and really just apply a profound love for detail to everything we touch.

Why Vintagecraft?

Vanilla Minecraft is slowly loosing the challenging aspects of survival and resource gathering and while TerraFirmaCraft is a fantastic alternative with it's strong focus on survival, the direction it's authors are taking diverge strongly from what we believe minecraft should be.

Vintagecraft ist not to be confused with VintageTG, which is a stripped down version of VintageCraft using only vanilla blocks for terrain generation.

How to use the mod
Starting out
Tools & Equipment
Tools and Weapons

Updates, News and Events

3 April 2016

  • Vintagecraft will turn into a standalong game! Check [] for more information!

7 Feb 2016

29 Dec 2015

24 Nov 2015

17 Oct 2015

26 Sep 2015

23 Sep 2015

14 Sep 2015

Sep 2015

Aug 2015

  • If anyone ever decides to do a Let's Play or Streaming using Vintagecraft, please let the Author (TyronX) know, you will have at least one guaranteed viewer :D
  • I'm looking for skilled writers to help me with the Wiki. Please contact the author (TyronX), on the Minecraftforums if you are interested.
Crafting & Construction
Mining & Metalworking
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