List of Metals

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  • Available Tiers: Stone (0), Copper (1), Bronze (2), Iron (3), Steel (4)
  • Alloying metals requires whole ingots to be used. Place them in a vessel and the vessel in a fire pit or stove to smelt it. The Vessels tooltip will actually tell you if the ingots inside will make for a valid alloy.

Metals useable for Crafting

Name Tier Created from Usable for Notes
CopperIngot.png Copper Tier 1 4x Native Copper Ore Tools + Armor
TinIngot.png Tin 8x Cassiterite Ore Alloy ingredient
ZincIngot.png Zinc 4x Sphalerite Ore Alloy ingredient
BismuthIngot.png Bismuth 4x Bismuthinite Ore Alloy ingredient
TinbronzeIngot.png Tin Bronze Tier 2 88-92% Copper, 8-12% Tin Tools + Armor
BismuthbronzeIngot.png Bismuth Bronze Tier 2 50-70% Copper, 20-30% Zinc, 10-20% Bismuth Tools + Armor 15% Durability bonus, 15% penalty in efficiency and damage
IronIngot.png Iron Tier 3 4x Limonite ore + 4x Bituminous coal Tools + Armor
SteelIngot.png Steel Tier 4 4x Limonite ore + 8x Coke Tools + Armor

Metals with currently no use

Some more metals exist in Vintagecraft which will only have a use in future versions of Vintagecraft.

Name Created from Potential uses in future Versions
LeadIngot.png Lead 4x Galena Ore Flywheel, Arrowheads, Batteries (Electronics)
TitaniumIngot.png Titanium 4x Ilmenite Ore Tier 5 Metal?
PlatinumIngot.png Platinum 4x Platinum Ore Villager trade goods, Alloy ingredient for future Tier metal?
SilverIngot.png Silver 4x Silver Ore Villager trade goods
GoldIngot.png Gold 8x Gold Ore Villager trade goods
Palladium Future Tier Metal/Alloy
Iridium Future Tier Metal/Alloy
Osmium Future Tier Metal/Alloy
Uranium Future Tier Metal/Alloy