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  • The only farmable crops are wheat and flax.
  • Unlike vanilla minecraft, it does not require a nearby water source, so you can place your farmland anywhere you want.
  • Crops grow 30% faster on high fertilty soil and 50% slower on low fertility soil. You can check the farmlands current fertility level by right clicking with the growing crop with an empty hand.
  • Crops will slowly drain fertility from the farmland, until the farmland becomes infertile where crops will grow extremly slowly. Fertility does not restore itself in the current version of vintagecraft.
  • From both available crops you can make bread:

BreadRecipe1.png BreadRecipe2.png

  • Flax drops flax fibers, which lets you craft twine and linen cloth, which are used in several recipes

FlaxtwineRecipe.png LinenclothRecipe.png