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Debug Commands


  • /vcraft nst [0-3]
Loop through the available night skies
  • /vcraft nsbc [brightness] [contrast]
Adjusts the brightness and contrast of the night sky. Brightness must be an Integer and Contrast a floating point number (suggested values: 0.5 - 1.5). This setting is permanently saved on the client.
  • /vcraft fog [start] [end]
Sets the player fog


  • /vcs climate
Displays the climate at the current position
  • /vcs gentree treename [size] [bend]
Generates tree of name using the default tree generator 3 blocks east of current position. Size and bend are optional and floating point values. Default is size = 1f and bend = 0f
  • /vcs genltree treename [size] [bend]
Generates tree of name using the lush tree generator (if available)
  • /vcs genptree treename [size] [bend]
Generates tree of name using the poor tree generator (if available)
  • /vcs clear
Clears a 30x80 block area around the current position
  • /vcs genlayer [deposits|forest|biomes|age|noisemod]
Generates an example map of named layer