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  • About 75% of Textures are by TyronX or Saraty. The others are from or remixed from:
  • About 98% of code/assets is by Tyronx, 1% from Terrafirmacraft and 1% from various contributors on Github
  • Most sounds are remixes of sounds on, individual sources/credits are in the sound folder in the .jar or in the source code
  • Much inspiration is taken from the awesome mod TerraFirmaCraft
  • 95% of all models are made with MrCrayfish's Model Creator - VCraft probably would have been stuck in the Stone age without it
  • 100% of forge emergency support is from diesieben07 and TheGreyGhost who always help a desperate modder in need. If it werent for those two, this mod might have never become a reality.