Crafting Table Recipes

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These are the recipes for the items made in the traditional way through the player inventory or crafting table. Be aware, some items can only be made with the anvil or on the carpenters table.

Basic items / blocks

CobbleStoneRecipe.png Craftingtable.png LigniteTorchRecipe.png VesselRecipe.png

Tools, Weapons

HammerRecipe.png StoneAxeRecipe.png StoneHoeRecipe.png StonePickaxeRecipe.png StoneShowelRecipe.png ArrowRecipe.png

Wooden Products

WoodenPlanksRecipe.png PlankstairsRecipe.png SlabRecipe.png ChestRecipe.png FenceGateRecipe.png FenceRecipe.png CarpenterstableRecipe.png ArmorStandRecipe.jpg BedRecipe.png BoatRecipe.png LeadRecipe.png QuartzGlassRecipe.png SignRecipe.png

Food, Cloth, Leather

BreadRecipe1.png BreadRecipe2.png FlaxtwineRecipe.png LinenclothRecipe.png SaddleRecipe.jpg StitchedLeatherRecipe.png

Stove, Smithing, Furnace Parts

StonepotRecipe.png StoveRecipe.png BloomeryBaseRecipe.png BloomeryChimneyRecipe.png FireBrickRecipe.png FireclaystairsRecipe.png TallmetalmoldsRecipe.png FireBricksRecipe.png


BlastingpowderRecipe.png BlastpowdersackRecipe.png SaltlampRecipe.png