Animal Husbandry

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Sheeps, Cows

As of Version 0.8.85 sheep and cows can be farmed again, but not quite as you would expect.

Basic behavior

  • Sheeps/Cows eat a lot of tall grass, which turns the tallgrass into a very short "eaten" Version of it. All tallgrass in the "eaten" Version will very slowly regrow again. They cannot eat very short grass, tall grass with flowers or ferns.
  • Sheeps/Cows have a fullness and saturation meter just like players. Hungry sheep/cows will wander more and and more grass and non hungry ones.
  • Once a Sheep/Cow is very full, it enter love mode and with that is able to reproduce with another animal without player interaction.

How to use this behavior

  • When fencing up sheep or cows, make sure you leave them a lot of space to roam around.
  • The place they can roam at should have tall grass growing on it, which shouldn't be very short or ferns.
  • You can increase the amount of available tallgrass by using Peat on the ground. Note however: The "Eaten" version of tallgrass will grow back into the biome specific grass - so choose a farmland that already had natural tallgrass.

Other Animals

Are currently not breedable.