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== Other Animals ==
== Other Animals ==
Are currently not breedable.
Pigs, Chicken, Horses, Wolfes are currently not breedable (to my knowledge)

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Sheeps, Cows

As of Version 0.8.85 sheep and cows can be farmed again, but not quite as you would expect. Also this feature is still fairly experimental and might not work very well right now.

Basic behavior

  • Sheeps/Cows eat a lot of tall grass, which turns the tallgrass into a very short "eaten" variant. All "eaten"-tallgrass will very slowly regrow again. They cannot eat very short grass, tall grass with flowers or ferns.
  • Sheeps/Cows have a fullness and saturation meter just like players. They permanently loose hunger/saturation and regain it from eating. Hungry sheep/cows will be more active in trying to find food.
  • Once a Sheep/Cow is very full, it enters love mode and with that is able to reproduce with another animal without player interaction.

How to use this behavior

  • When fencing up sheep or cows, make sure you give them a large area with tallgrass growing on it.
  • Ideal biomes are Savannah and temperate areas. Biomes with very short grass or ferns growing on them will not work well.
  • You can increase the amount of available tallgrass by using Peat on the ground. Note however: The "Eaten" version of tallgrass will grow back into the biome specific grass - so choose a farmland that already had natural tallgrass.

Other Animals

Pigs, Chicken, Horses, Wolfes are currently not breedable (to my knowledge)